Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goodbye (and Hello)

You've probably noticed I haven't posted in awhile. Well, I've had something new in the works: a new blog, Kelly Everyday. It is more personal and diary-like, and casts a much wider net. But never fear, you'll still find lots of good design and style finds (don't forget awesome photos). Plus lots more. The reason I'm switching is so I can break beyond the confines of a "design blog." Kelly Everyday will be a playground for many kinds of ideas and hopefully more interactive with you lovely readers! THANKS FOR READING! And remember Home Canary will always exist as an online archive here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Direct from the Future...

I thought that bike portability had peaked with the STRiDA. But the "bicycle backpack," a concept by designer Chang Ting Jen, outdoes it, folding to a super-compact 60 cm long (and resting on the back, no less!). I would use it. [Tip via Minor Details; photo via Design Boom]

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Practical Joke or High Design?

You decide: Is this a sight gag or an objet d'art? Either way, if Freeze Up Frozen Smiles (sold as an ice tray that makes denture-shaped cubes) make you happy, buy them here. [Photo via Willow]

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cute Wallpaper. Enough Said.

I've talked about my love of robot motifs. But I haven't yet the chance to go on and on about dinosaurs. I'm ready to force my dinosaur obsession on my sons and put this pattern by Walnut Wallpaper on their walls. [Tip and photo via Minor Details]

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wee are the World

Ah, another fine example of Dutch kids' design. This globe chair by Netherlands company Oolaalaa is a place for children to pop a squat and learn a little geography in the process. Available here. [Tip and photo via Ohdeedoh]

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inspiring Basement Remodel

There is basement remodeling -- the kind for which you slap down a carpet, paint some walls, and call it a day. And then there is Basement Remodeling. Note the caps. This is the kind for which you gut out spaces, install new flooring, put up new walls, add molding -- you get it...the works. My college friend (and very talented graphic designer), Amy, just tackled an intensive Basement Remodeling and was kind enough to let me share before and after photos of it here. Her handy husband, Jason, deserves recognition for the dirty work. Here's a quick rundown of what they did.
First photos: This room doubles as a family room and guest bedroom. I love the custom-made media cabinet and built-in boxes perfect for displaying a few choice decorative pieces or books.
Second photos: Amy's home studio/office is a dream. It has bamboo floors, FLOR carpet tiles and refreshing pistachio-colored walls.
Third photos: Dead space between the two major rooms became a nicely decorated hallway (cool This American Life poster!).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The (Thank-You) Gift of Jewelry

I just hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Tracy. To thank me (totally unnecessary...that's what friends are for!), she sent a beautiful necklace from Bellissima Jewelry Design. The designer, Sarah Bridger, is, not coincidentally, her sister in law. She's had her design business in Denver since 2005. The Summer 08 collection has a chic southwestern vibe. [Photos via Bellissima Jewelry Design]