Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inspiring Basement Remodel

There is basement remodeling -- the kind for which you slap down a carpet, paint some walls, and call it a day. And then there is Basement Remodeling. Note the caps. This is the kind for which you gut out spaces, install new flooring, put up new walls, add molding -- you get it...the works. My college friend (and very talented graphic designer), Amy, just tackled an intensive Basement Remodeling and was kind enough to let me share before and after photos of it here. Her handy husband, Jason, deserves recognition for the dirty work. Here's a quick rundown of what they did.
First photos: This room doubles as a family room and guest bedroom. I love the custom-made media cabinet and built-in boxes perfect for displaying a few choice decorative pieces or books.
Second photos: Amy's home studio/office is a dream. It has bamboo floors, FLOR carpet tiles and refreshing pistachio-colored walls.
Third photos: Dead space between the two major rooms became a nicely decorated hallway (cool This American Life poster!).

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