Monday, June 30, 2008

Introducing Ziggie Smalls

It's tempting to stick my sons in sweatpants every day (c'mon, it's easy and I'm always in a hurry). But when I see beautiful bespoke children's clothing, like that of the U.K. label Ziggie Smalls, I remember why it's worth an extra moment to dress them nicely. (Is there nothing cuter than a little boy in a button-up shirt with nicely pressed collar?) According to the brand's blog, Ziggie Smalls was created when a Londoner, Alice, returned from India and southeast Asia with a variety of exotic beads, fabrics and trims. She fashioned them into kiddo threads for her expectant friend, Carrie, who was living in New York. Together, they launched the brand. Shop online here. [Photos via Ziggie Smalls]

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